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Apple Wins EU Ban On Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 But Not Galaxy Tab 10.1N

Looks like some of the Apple and Samsung battles are coming to an end. Apple has recently won an expanded ban on the Galaxy Tab 7.7…

This is great news for Apple and horrible news for Samsung. Slowly their tablets are being banned throughout different countries. The odd part is, Apple was denied the ban against the Galaxy Tab 10.1N which isn’t a first for Apple.

FOSS Patents reports:

The lower court had originally entered an EU-wide preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 affecting not only Samsung’s German subsidiary but also its Korean parent company and, as a result, the Samsung group as a whole. It then modified that order so as to apply only to the German subsidiary, holding that Apple had not proven that the Korean parent company has an “establishment” in Germany. The appeals court, however, disagreed and found (already in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 decision) that Samsung’s German subsidiary is effectively an establishment of the Korean parent company, even though it formally claims to be an independent legal entity.

Well at least they’ve knocked one more outta the park. But the battles continue for Apple’s attempt at a worldwide ban on all Samsung products. I honestly wonder how many products they’ll be able to have banned. Let’s start a tally.

Source: MacRumors via FOSS Patents

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