Seidio Surface Reveal Holster Review – Protective Holster for your iPhone

I’ve shown you some other great products in the past from Seidio and today here’s another!

This is the Seidio Surface Reveal holster. Where does it get it’s name from? Possibly because it works with a Seidio Reveal case. The only downside I can possibly see from this is that you must have the Reveal case to use this holster. But why not by one, they’re pretty cool. This holster is pretty legit. It’s made of hard plastic and has a smooth velvet lining on the inside to protect your iPhone screen while being “holsted”. The release latch is spring loaded so you won’t have to worry about your iPhone coming out if you don’t want it to. But just as easy, it pops out with the flick of the latch.

It’s  built from hard plastic and feels like it’s made to be durable and long lasting. In no way do I getting paid to say this but, Seidio really does make some legitimate and quality accessories for Apple products.

You can pick oone of these holsters up for only $29.95, or get a combo pack that includes the Reveal for $49.95.For more info or to purchase the Reveal Holster go to

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