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[Rumor] Leaked iPad Mini Photos … Again

Just when you thought the rumors were done and over with. I guess we all kind of forgot about the iPad mini with the launch of the iPhone 5 nearing…

Not sure if these are real, but they look convincing. These pictures came from Chinese site, Bolopad.com. The iPad mini is rumored to launch in October, but will it? I’m going to need further convincing to believe this tablet exists.

It makes perfect sense for Apple to enter the 7-inch tablet market, but we haven’t seen any rock solid evidence yet. We shall all know the answer to this mystery in October. Apple plans on launching the new iPod line in October as well, so maybe they’ll hold an event for all of this.

Something tells me these photos are of a mockup and not the real deal.

Do you believe in an iPad mini?

Check out the gallery:

Source: Bolopad.com via 9to5Mac

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