[Review] x-doria Engage Form Case For iPhone

Meet the x-doria Engage Form. This little case may not seem like much, but it’s by far one of the simplest ways to protect your iPhone and keep some style…

I’ve been using this case for about a week now and I can’t find a downside. Honestly, it’s too simple to have any flaws. It’s a moderately protective case, but I would recommend using a screen protector to accompany your iPhone as well.

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Engage Form combines a custom shape with a unique woven finish to create a one of a kind look and feel. Our lightweight yet sturdy one piece design snaps on easily and securely to protect your iPhone from scratches. Lightweight durable material with smooth matte finish provides an easy grip making all ports and multi-display accessible.

Let’s talk about the ups and downs of the x-doria Engage Form iPhone case,


Honestly it’s a snap-on iPhone case. It’s got a cool design to it, and comes in either black or silver to complement or offset the color of your iPhone. The case also lave the top and bottom of your iPhone completely open. I like this type of design because it helps avoid problems of headphones not fitting in properly, and ensures it will fit on most all docks.


For such a slim case it’s a little overpriced in my opinion, running $24.99. But overall it’s not much of a price difference in terms of other comparable cases.

Final Thoughts

It’s a decent case but the price may turn people away. I think a $14.99 price would be more suitable or reasonable. But overall it’s a great looking case that is certainly unique in style

Purchase links:

Silver Engage Form Case

Black Engage Form Case

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