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[Review] iCade Core Brings Arcade Gaming To iPad

iOS Gaming has come a long way since the App Store first made its debut in 2008, but with a lack of physical controls some games would be better off on a console. With iCade Core, there may be a solution to this perceived gaming dilemma…

iCade Core from ION is a portable arcade gaming setup that connects to the iPad via Bluetooth. This streamlined arcade setup cradles the iPad adding classic controls to over 200 games. Packed with eight physical buttons and a multidirectional joystick, iCade Core adds some nostalgia to your iOS gaming addiction.

Check out the video below or on YouTube here.

iCade Core operates on two AA batteries and will automatically power down when not in use. Inside the cradle is a pass-thru slot which allows charging of the iPad with your 30-pin cable. The cradle also allows room for portrait or landscape gaming at an optimal viewing angle.


There are a wide variety of games that are compatible with iCade Core. The build quality is superb, and will give you a real arcade feeling all the way down to the spring loaded buttons. Every aspect of iCade Core is full-sized except for its portability factor. It will fit perfectly on a desk, table, or your lap. My favorite games for iCade Core are without a doubt League Of Evil 2, and Midway Arcade.


iCade Core is not compatible with all iOS games. Even certain titles like NBA Jam or Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 lack iCade compatibility. Fact is, this incompatibility has nothing to do with iCade. Developers must include the compatibility within the coding of a game to utilize iCade functionality.

Final Thoughts

iCade Core is an excellent addition to iOS gaming. With an MSRP of $79.99, this mobilized arcade iPad companion will deliver the goods at a fraction of the cost for a real arcade console. I highly recommend iCade Core if you’re looking to awaken your inner retro gamer. If you’re interested in iCade Core, you can pick one up here on Amazon.

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