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Pod2G: Shall we hold off the jailbreak for iOS 6?

Pod2G just posted a poll asking if the iOS 5.1 jailbreak should be indefinitely postponed. They have been working night and day exploiting the you know what out of iOS 5.1 in efforts to release a public jailbreak at some point. But here’s the thing, if they do release a public Jailbreak, the exploits used will most certainly be patched in iOS 6 which is expected to make its preview debut at WWDC 2012 in San Francisco.

It’s possible this jailbreak may never be released…

Pod2g, and members of the Chronic Dev and Dev Teams would all be wasting countless hours and have to start over completely from scratch to find new exploits to use in the iOS 6 jailbreak. Currently, no one knows of these jailbreak exploits and if they kept it that way, Apple wouldn’t find out. Meaning there’s a chance they’ll still work in iOS 6 which maybe released in about six months.

Out of 52,659 votes, 56% say they should continue on and eventually release the jailbreak. However, and amazingly high 41% say they should just hold off and wait it out. Alternatively, 3% of votes chose the “Where’s my bottle of beer?” answer.

The poll will be up for the next six days and undoubtedly will have an impact on whether or not this jailbreak actually gets released. I’m not quite missing a jailbreak on my new iPad, but on the other hand Apple will continue to release yearly updates to iOS. Go and weigh in with your vote! This is definitely a decision that impacts an entire community, do your part and vote. You can check out the poll here.

What do you think? Meet me in the comments…

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