iBattz MojoShield Review for the New iPad / iPad 2 – Completely Bubble Free Screen Protector

Screen protectors are important assets to your iPad’s longevity. Meet the iBattz MojoShield. These little guys are completely reusable, and add anti-glare to your iPad’s screen. Now when I say completely reusable, I mean in 100%.

I’ve seen many other screen protectors advertise this but fail miserably. Once you take off these other screen protectors you better have a static / dust free safe to stick them in or else you run the risk of one little dust spec ruining your screen protector.

Not with MojoShield. These are built in a special way. The Mojoshield opts out of having adhesive on the actual screen portion of the protector. They only have adhesive on the bezel.

You don’t have to worry about getting dust on the screen because they are completely bubble free. Seriously… That in itself sounds crazy but I was amazed when I put the MojoShield on my iPad. The special adhesive used is that of silicon, meaning when you take it off you can really stick it right back on whenever you want. You can even gently clean the adhesive, should it get dust on it.

Overall the iBattz MojoShield is a pretty durable screen protector.  They are available to the new iPad or iPad.They are also only $19.95, which really makes the buy a no-brainer.

Key Features:

  • Choice of 4 different color border screen protectors for your iPad
  • Durable screen protection from scratches, scrapes and abrasions
  • Anti-Fingerprint coating to prevent excess fingerprint marks on the screen
  • Anti-Glare coating improves clarity in bright light conditions
  • Precise iPad screen coverage and opening for the iPad Home button
  • Easy to apply, re-apply and remove
  • No sticky residue or marks
  • Includes Micro-Fiber cleaning cloth and Magic Anti-dust Tape

For more information on iBattz or MojoShield, click the links below!

Black MojoShield

White MojoShield

Blue MojoShield

Pink MojoShield

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