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How To Get Free Apps, PayPal Cash, And iTunes/Amazon Gift Cards

If you’ve been looking for the best place to download free apps on your iOS device, you need to check out FeaturePoints. This is a great website that rounds up some of the best free iOS apps and rewards you for downloading them!

Follow these steps to get free apps, PayPal Cash, and iTunes/Amazon gift cards:

Step 1: Click this special link and go to FeaturePoints and use referral code MACMIXING.

Step 2: Follow the prompts and install your first app to start earning points. You should also notice that 50 bonus points have been added to your account.

Step 3: Download free apps. Run the app for 30 seconds and the points for that app will be given to you!

Step 4: Redeem your points for FREE gift cards and apps!!

You can also share FeaturePoints with friends to earn more points. This site is pretty amazing!

Click here to check it out!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is totally legitimate. You can earn points for downloading free apps and then exchange them for gift cards for PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, and more!

Video tutorial:

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  • N321h

    İt took me 3 months for 5$ paypal this sucks man rather pay real money than spending my time..

  • Steve

    Wow, it’s kinda like the Amway of the App Store!

  • Timmoss75

    You can use free my apps with Cydia I earned 20 dollars in iTunes in less than two months just by trying apps for thirty seconds

  • Sim

    For Free app

  • PuyoDead

    you can get free apps using appnanas!

  • YOLO

    Try it out it works amazing enter my referal code 6juigw

  • Maya

    Does this work for Canadian residences?

  • Matyas

    How i get featurepoints

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