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Google Glass 2.0 In-Depth Hardware Overview

In this video, we’re taking a look at the hardware features of Google Glass. There are many different aspects to this design, but unfortunately, most of them favor functionality and raw design rather than sleekness. Take a look at my in-depth overview of Google Glass.

As I mentioned, the hardware is a bit bulky, but I assume that as technology evolves, we could see Glass shrink to the size of regular frames. The good news is, Google hasn’t left out the concept of swapping the current frame on Glass. Google has provided a tutorial on the Glass help center that will guide you through the process of removing Glass’ current frame. This tutorial can be found here.

Overall, I think Glass is exciting and (definitely) new technology. Sure, it will continue to expand, but is wearable technology really the future? Is this the kind of tech we have to look forward to? And if so, what do you think the future holds? Google contact lenses, maybe?

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