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Gold iPhone 5s Unboxing And Overview

Now that the launch day dust has settled a bit, I’ve been able to get my hands on a Gold iPhone 5s. Originally, this was the color I wanted, but like many others, I had trouble finding the precious gold model iPhone 5s on Sept. 20, 2013. Since then, my luck has changed and I can now present you with my official unboxing of the gold iPhone 5s. Enjoy.

In my opinion, the gold model is beautiful. It’s not a tacky gold, but rather a soft, dare I say, “Champagne” gold. I think the white LCD bezel and back inlays look great with the subtle gold and I also enjoy the gold ring around the home button.

I realize that not everyone is okay with the idea of a gold iPhone, but I think it’s great because it’s different. We’ve never seen anything quite like this from Apple. Change is good. Not only has the gold iPhone 5s been the most popular amongst the other color variations, it also leads us to believe Apple will expand this color to its iPad and iPad mini models.

Check out the unboxing video above, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section. Which iPhone 5s do you like?

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