Expert Says New iPad’s Retina Display Reduces Eye Strain

It’s no shocker that the new iPad‘s Retina Display is stunningly gorgeous. But did you know it actually reduces your eye strain? The extra pixels really make the whole experience much better for your eyes…

Until now, Amazon had the lead in e-readers with their Kindle and the e-ink technology it uses. Apple may have come up in the e-reader / tablet world as the new iPad may cause much less strain on your eyes as it’s predecessors.

According to Gary Heiting, an optometrist / associate editor of the site All About Vision,

“A key factor in something that’s called computer vision syndrome, or just eye strain from computer use, is screen resolution. The new iPad, with twice the resolution of the iPad 2, 264 ppi (pixels per inch) instead of 132, people are going to notice less pixelation, especially in a small typeface. It’s not just an enjoyment issue or an aesthetic issue, but it’s definitely a visual comfort isue, over time.”

At normal viewing distances for tablets, the human eye’s resolving power is about 240 ppi. That just goes to show the new iPad is by far, a TRUE Retina Display.

I have to admit, everything does seem easier to look at. But that’s probably also because I still haven’t stopped drooling over the beauty of the display. It looks as though the new iPad’s “Resolutionary” display is revolutionary for your eyes as well.

How have you been using your new iPad?

Source: Mashable

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