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Episode #2 – The “A” Word –

Episode #2 of The “A” Word. In this episode we talk about the working conditions of FoxConn employees and how ABC NightLine had an exclusive inside look at the factory.

Steve Job’s birthday was Friday (2/24/12).

Also Apple is currently running a $10,000 App Store Gift Card Giveaway to the person who downloads the 25th Billion App from the App Store.Also QualComm announced their new chip that now supports 3G and 4G! This is a possibility for the iPad 3 and iPhone 5.

Another hot topic was that the Top 3 Smart Phones sold in 2011 were iPhones! Seems pretty crazy knowing how many other smart phones exist in the world. But I guess that’s Apple for ya!

More iPad 3 rumors surface, and we take some time to have a little fun with the news. Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes. (Unless your reading this from iTunes…)

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We have also created a “Call-in” Line for you as readers to call in and ask various questions you want answered about Apple, related products or us!

Please feel free to call and leave a Voicemail at 1-609-3-MACMIX.

We will be airing selected voice mails and answering your questions directly.

Furthermore, you can also tune-in LIVE, yea that’s right live! Via iTunes or iPhone/Android.

If you would like to listen live (Sunday Nights at 8PM Arizona Time) you can do so by clicking the link below in your web browser or on your iPhone.

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For Android users the process is a bit more complex as you have to download an App called “Just Playlists” and open the stream URL within that App to listen.

Anyone with a Mac or iPhone should be able to just click on the link. Mac users you may be prompted to save/open the file, in which you can just open it up in iTunes to connect!

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