DBEST London Review – Mini Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers

DBEST London makes some pretty awesome little rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers! These work great with iPhone, iPod, and iPad!

These guys pack quite a punch in the music department.

Honestly, I didn’t expect very much out of them when I got them. I Just figured they were similar to other little speakers I’ve had in the past. Boy was I wrong. These things are pretty loud. They also look pretty cool and feel well built. They have GREAT battery life, lasting you about 40 hours wired, and 20 hours via Bluetooth!

The Duo Speakers magnetically join together for easy travel, and the Solo is so small it could fit in a pocket! These speakers pair with your iPhone, iPad, iPod right out of the box! It’s a breeze to setup! The Duo speakers are available for $69.99 and the Solo is $59.99. You really get bang for your buck with these mini Bluetooth speakers.

For more information on either speaker sets or to buy one visit

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