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Analyst Predicts Apple Television, Retina iPad mini And MacBook Air Coming In 2013

According to BusinessInsider, analyst Gene Munster predicts that Apple will release an HDTV along with a few other goodies for Mac and iOS users. Munster has been fairly active in the Apple rumor mill, but regardless of what Eddie Cue said, he still believes we’ll see one in November next year.

BusinessInsider relays his predictions for 2013:

March 2013: iPad Mini with Retina display, update the little Apple TV box, allowing to do accept apps from developers, and some sort of iTunes radio product.
June 2013: WWDC brings us previews of iOS 7, and OSX, as well as MacBook Airs with Retina displays. Look for Jony Ive’s influence over iOS to start showing up here.
September 2013: iPhone 5S, a “modest upgrade” from the iPhone 5. The iPad Mini gets a specs bump, and we get a new iPad, which is totally redesigned to look more like the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.
November 2013: An Apple TV comes out. It should cost $1,500-$2,000 and come in sizes from 42-inches to 55-inches

Don’t take any of this too seriously, the specifics are only educated guesses. Aside from the HDTV rumors I could have told you a Retina MacBook Air and iPad mini are in the works. That makes sense.

I really want to believe all of these predictions are true. In fact, I hope they are. I just have a hard time with the HDTV rumors. With a refresh cycle like Apple’s, are people really going to spend that much on a TV that will be completely outdated in less than a year?

Source: BusinessInsider via MacRumors

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