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ZAGGkeys Folio For iPad Air Review

If you haven’t used a ZAGGkeys Folio, you haven’t lived yet. This is, by far, one of the best iPad keyboard cases I’ve ever used. It’s packed with functionality, style, and tons of features. Check out my video review of the ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad Air.

I can’t say it enough: This keyboard case is amazing. Being able to type with an iPad keyboard case is not an easy task to accomplish. ZAGG has managed to fit the perfect sized keyboard inside of a folio case, give it back-lighting, and 3 month battery life. Seriously.

I highly recommend this case to anyone who owns and iPad Air. ZAGG also makes an iPad mini version of the same case, but I can’t vouch for that one just yet. For more information on the ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad Air, check it out using this link. You can find it for between $80 and $100 online.

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