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The New iPad VS iPad 2 – Differences in Functionality and Retina Display – iPad 3 vs iPad 2

Many people purchased the New iPad yesterday, but does everyone understand the differences between the new iPad and the iPad 2? I decided to make a quick video explaining some of these differences…

There is also a giant difference between the two iPad displays. This is because of the Retina Display on the new iPad. It looks gorgeous! There really is a giant gap in pixels when you compare the icons side by side as I did using my iPhone 4S and the OLLOCLIP’s macro lens. Even with a macro lens the pixels are hard to see. Check out the photo below…

Click to Enlarge

Should you upgrade your iPad 2? Well that depends on if the new iPad has the features you’ve been waiting for. If money isn’t an issue then I would say to go ahead and upgrade. But When speaking logically, the iPad 2 is still a completely functional and great tablet.

If your still up on that iPad 1, the difference for your upgrade will be jaw dropping. The iPad 1 has way less technical functionality than the new iPad.

You be the judge!

What do you think about the new iPad?

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