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The New iPad VS iPad 2 – Benchmark Test – GeekBench 2 – iPad 3 VS Pad 2

Today I decided to run a Benchmark Test on both the New iPad and the iPad 2, using the Geekbench 2 app.

I was a little surprised by the results…

The iPad 2 actually scored a little higher than the new iPad. But in my head I also take into consideration that the higher graphics processing may have an impact on these results.

Either way it wa a fun test to run just to see how close or far apart the two were. The iPad 2 wasn’t far above at all. It probably wasn’t even enough to make a difference in performance.

Do you think the iPad 2 is really faster? It doesn’t feel like it to me…

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One Comment

  1. John McGlothlan

    March 20, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    This is exactly what I was expecting, this was checking just the CPU, which is identical, if you remove the GPU from stats then the processors are identical, so that numbers (752 vs 771) are bascially identical!

    Sure the Quad Vs Dual core graphics is cool but lets do the simple math for anyone that has taken multiplication. 1024×768 = 786432pixels 2048×1536 = 3145728pixels (Quadruple the Graphics NEEDS and only DOUBLE the graphics power) thus the new iPad will look GREAT but run slower. Now, lets talk about new iPad native apps, the 4x resolution gain is going to OVER tax the CPU that was never designed to move that much data. In short yes the new iPad will ALWAYS be slower


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