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The New iPad Gets an Untethered Jailbreak!

Just this morning the new iPad was released and it’s safe to say soon enough we will all have Jailbroken new iPads. The exciting part about all this is it really only took a few hours after the iPads official release for the Dev Team to Jailbreak it. So much for security. But hey that’s a good thing right?

Recently another well-known hacker in the Jailbreak community also figured out an exploit to Jailbreak the new iPad. i0n1c Tweet earlier that he has accomplished an untethered Jailbreak on the iPad 3.

i0n1c hasn’t worked on a  Jailbreak project since iOS 4 was released, so it’s surprising he jumped in now. Though he had been chatting doing it again for a while, we still don’t know if this is something that he will release publicly. But one thing is certain, it’s possible…

The second we know about any untethered Jailbreaking tools, you will!

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