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As of now, Apple's front-facing iPhone camera is really only good for FaceTime. And without Jailbreak, that's only as good as the WiFi network you may or may not be connected to. But it's looking like Apple is investigating new ways to take advantage of the front camera. Possibly adding some more purpose to it's life by adding customization features, unlocking, and interaction, using your face!

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Yesterday we told you about an 8 year old using Find my iPhone to track down a burglar. Well another heroic iDevice story is out today! This one involving a little boy who was stuck in a well. Firefighters in China’s Yunnan Province saved a young boy from a 40-foot well using an iPhone camera. After several failed rescue attempts, due to the child slipping out of the rescue harness that was designed for adults, Firefighters took Apple's technology to another level.

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