[Review] Ultra Thin Case Cover And Stand From The Snugg

Simple iPad cases are always my favorite. I love cases that don’t have a ton of special features, are thin, and just work. This new thin iPad case from The Snugg does just that…

This iPad case is sleek, classy, and super thing. It hardly adds any bulk to your iPad. It’s made from “Hot Pressed, PU Leather with a hard, and a TPU back cover.”

Overall, there isn’t anything special about this case, but that’s what I love to most about it. Most cases seem to need a “wow” factor these days. The Snugg’s Ultra Thing Case Cover dismisses the need to impress, but ironically, impresses with its simplicity.

Check out the video review:


One sentence: I like everything about this case.


There’s not much to it. I couldn’t find anything to dislike except maybe the price. Some may think $34.99 is a high price for an iPad case, but it’s fairly comparable to the market.

Final Thoughts

I think The Snugg’s Ultra Thing Case Cover is a great way to protect your iPad with minimal bulk. It’s also competitively priced and super simplistic. This case is available for the new iPad or iPad 2.

For more information on this case or to purchase one click here.

[xrr rating=5/5]
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