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[Review] Seidio Convert Case For iPhone 5

I’m not usually a fan of big and bulky cases, but something about Seidio’s Convert Case is super attractive. It’ll definitely add a massive amount of protection to your iPhone 5, but also strips down to be a slim and sleek case.

The Seidio Convert case offers three layers of protection. First you have the Surface case. By itself the Surface is a great minimal way to keep the iPhone 5 protected. It’s a two piece case that covers the iPhone all around.

Next, there’s a tough rubber layer that covers up the Surface case. In my opinion, the first two layers are enough protection, but Seidio doesn’t stop there. The third and final layer is the outer hard plastic skeleton. While I don’t recommend trying this, you could probably throw your iPhone 5 off of a cliff inside this case and pick it up like nothing happened.

As an extra bonus, with the Convert Combo pack you also get a screen protector and a belt clip. This case truly offers 360 degrees of protection. Check out my video review for a complete overview of what this case has to offer.

The Good

It’s very protective. What more can I say? It’s a high quality case and will definitely keep your iPhone safe. You really get a great deal with this combo pack. Three layers of protection, a screen protector, and a belt clip. Of course, this isn’t for everyone, but those who need something durable for their iPhone 5 will appreciate the Convert case.

The Bad

It does add a bit of bulk to the slim and sleek iPhone 5. But if you’re the type to ding and drop your phone a lot, you probably won’t mind the bulk at all.

Final Thoughts

There’s not much to say about a case that does exactly what it should. I’m definitely a fan of all Seidio products. They manufacture high quality cases and accessories while undercutting the competition. You can pick up a Seidio Convert Combo on Amazon for about $34. Check it out here.

[xrr rating=4/5]
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