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[Review] RODE SmartLav: Pro Lapel Mic For iOS Devices – Demo And Comparison

Looking for an easy way to capture pro audio on the go? You may want to check out the RODE SmartLav. This little guy connects to your iOS device and works exactly like a regular lavalier microphone. Check out my video review and demonstration above to see what’s so great about this new microphone.

Overall I found the RODE SmartLav’s performance to be more than adequate. Actually, it works great. Paired with RODE’s official “RODE Rec” app, the SmartLav will record great audio at up to 48,000 Hz. In the video above, I compare the RODE SmartLav to my Canon 5D Mark III’s built-in mic and the Zoom H1. As demonstrated in the video, the SmartLav will give your audio an “up close” sound as opposed to the distant sounds heard with the other microphones I tested.

The closer sound that RODE’s SmartLav provides is definitely beneficial. It will help lessen background noise and it gives you more freedom to walk around if you’re recording a video. Once you’ve captured the audio, you can download it to your computer from the RODE Rec app and sync it up in post with your video. I find the SmartLav to be incredibly useful for what I do, and in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with this mic.

If you’d like to find out more about the RODE SmartLav, check it out here on Amazon or RODE’s official website. Currently, the RODE SmartLav is available for around $60 to $69. Check it out and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section.

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