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[Review] Ridge Standby Case for the New iPad from CaseCrown

The Ridge Standby for the new iPad is a synthetic leather folio case by CaseCrown with multiple viewing positions. The case itself is very high quality and adds extra cushion for your iPad.

Video review inside…

This case is great because the “folio” aspect of it is completely removable via Velcro strips. This means if your not in the mood for a folio case, just detach the iPad. Simply take the iPad and it’s smaller case right off the folio covering. This leaves you with a smaller case that retains more of the iPad’s ergonomics.

Check out the video below!

The Ridge Standby has many features including:

  • Compatible with the new iPad and iPad 2
  • Built-in magnetic strip provides sleep/wake feature
  • Transforms into an adjustable stand with 4 different viewing angles; horizontal and vertical viewing options
  • Interior slot for the new iPad / iPad 2 is detachable for convenience
  • All features are accessible

Overall I was very impressed with the quality, affordability, and durability of the Ridge Standby. It’s very inexpensive, only running you a little over $30. But the functionality and durability it provides is worth much more.

For more information or to purchase the Ridge Standby from CaseCrown visit the link below! I also included a 15% off coupon code in case you want to save a little cash.

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Click here to check it out!

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