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[Review] OtterBox Defender Series With ION Intelligence For iPhone 4S/4

Looking for protection and power? OtterBox has you covered. The OtterBox Defender Series With ION Intelligence for iPhone 4S/4 will give you rugged protection and keep your device powered with twice the juice.

Check out my video review above. This case does add some bulk to your device, but if you’re in need of protection and a great batter case, this Defender Series is a must-have. The case also comes with a companion app that will intelligently give you statistics on your power usage.

With the app, you’ll find important information about the hours remaining on the iPhone 4S/4 and case batter and also an estimated shut down time. The more you use this case, the smart the app’s estimations become. Overall, I can definitely recommend this case to anyone looking for the perfect storm of power and protection.

As I mentioned above, the only downside is how much bulk and weight this will add to your device. Other than that, the case performs as advertised. If you’re interested in purchasing this case, the price ranges from $100 to $130 depending on where you look. For pricing and availability, please click this link.

[xrr rating=4/5]
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