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[Review] Marcohard’s Win-Daws Phone – The First 5G SmartPhone!

Check out the world’s first 5G smartphone! This phone is so awesome, they skipped a “G” and went straight to the powerful 1GB per second 5G network!

This Phone will rule your life. You don’t even need to send “text messages” anymore! Nope, that’s a thing of the past with this new smartphone! All you have to to is simply think a thought about someone and it will be transmitted directly to that person’s phone!

Sluri is also a GREAT feature. Sluri is your all in one assistant for anything you might want to get done at some point! It’s super slow, which is awesome for those who like to take their time getting tasks accomplished!

Internet Exploder is a great browser! With the lightning fast 5G network, videos will be done playing before you even have a chance to watch them!

All this and more with the new Horizon Wireless 5G Win-Daws Phone!

To find out more about the new 5G smartphone click the link below!

Marcohard’s Win-Daws Phone

Oh yeah… Happy April Fools Day!

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