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[Review] LifeProof frē iPhone 5 Case Overview And Waterproof Demo

With a name like LifeProof, you really have to be confident about a product. Saying that your case will withstand the roughest moments of life is tough to prove, but LifeProof really does shine in this area. If you’re looking for solid and rugged iPhone 5 protection, LifeProof’s frē case is definitely a front runner.

I was really shocked when I saw how thin LifeProof made the frē case. How can something so thing be so durable and, on top of that, waterproof. Somehow they’ve done it. LifeProof has engineered, what I consider to be, their best handheld iOS device case. That’s not to overshadow the brilliance of the company’s nüüd iPad case, but I’m mainly referring to the iPhone/iPod cases.

The frē case is nothing short of outstanding and it held up in every way possible during my testing and daily usage. Check out my video review above demonstrating the power of this awesome case. Currently, you can pick up the LifeProof frē case for around $75 here on Amazon.

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