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[Review] JBL OnBeat Micro With Lightning

Need a compact dock for your iOS device? JBL’s OnBeat Micro with Lightning is a great dock that will charge your device and play your music. I was very impressed by the sound quality from this little Lightning dock. Check out my video review to find out what’s so great about the OnBeat Micro.

This thing is loud. I mean, you’d think for such a little guy, it would be somewhere close to okay in quality, but nope. JBL really put some heavy drivers into this dock. Currently, you can pick up the JBL OnBeat Micro with Lightning for around $99. The company also makes a similar 30-pin version if you’re rocking an older device which you can find here.

Overall, I think this is a relatively inexpensive and high quality dock. JBL is known for their epic sound quality and the OnBeat Micro is definitely no exception.

What do you think about the OnBeat Micro?

[xrr rating=5/5]
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