[Review] JackBacks Real Bamboo iPhone Case

I was first turned on to JackBacks almost a year ago while browsing the web. I immediately fell in love with their sleek wood iPhone back replacements and even reviewed a couple. Now they’re back with a new bamboo case, and let me tell you, this thing is amazing…

This Bamboo iPhone case is CNC machined from a solid piece of bamboo. It has a smooth hand finished look and is super rugged. It’s a snap-on style case and surprisingly, even though made form Bamboo, is really easy to get on and off.

At first I was uncertain how the case would fit on the iPhone. My main concern was the bulk it might add. While it adds some bulk, it’s really not much more than a lot of other cases on the market. It’ll also protect your iPhone from drops a heck of a lot better. You can also have custom images etched into the back of the case, just like the JackBacks iPhone back replacements.

Check out the video:


This has to be one of my favorite cases thus far. If JackBacks keeps pushing out such great products, eventually my entire iPhone will be made of wood. (Or grass because technically that’s what Bamboo is.) With the Bamboo iPhone case from JackBacks, you really get a high quality product to complement your high quality iPhone.


Overall, I didn’t find much to “dislike” about the Bamboo iPhone case. It’s sleek, customizable, solid like a rock (or bamboo maybe), and really protects the iPhone. The only thing that could be argued is the price. It retails for $69.99, and while I’m not complaining one bit, some folks may find it to be expensive. But in all reality, you definitely get what you pay for here!

Final Thoughts

A while after I had shot the video, I accidentally dropped my iPhone from about 7-8 feet in the air. (Don’t ask. It was a tragic moment in my life and fell from the top of my car.) To my surprise, my iPhone didn’t have a single scratch or ding on it. The JackBacks Bamboo iPhone case actually sacrificed itself for the well being of my iPhone.

The case was completely cracked on the side. That’s not to argue against the superb quality here though. I mean come on, it fell from pretty darn high up. With my poor iPhone laying face down in the cracked Bamboo case, I expected everything to be completely ruined, and at a minimum, a cracked screen. Luckily, my iPhone was still in perfect condition. Now that’s a case I can truly appreciate!

Now my days are a little less exciting without the bamboo case around. Honestly though, for the satisfaction I had knowing my iPhone was in such a solid and well built case, I’d buy another one in a heartbeat. If you’re interested in the JackBacks Bamboo iPhone case, I highly suggest checking it out here on their website.

Well done JackBacks. Well done.

[xrr rating=5/5]
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