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[Review] iKlip Stand For iPad From IK Multimedia

Looking for a nice desktop stand for your iPad or iPad mini? IK Multimedia’s iKlip Stand, may be the perfect solution. This rugged stand is designed to work as a traditional desk/table stand or a clamp stand. Check out the video above for my video review of iKlip Stand from IK Multimedia.

There are plenty of iPad stands on the market, but iKlip Stand offers two stands in one. You have the ability to customize iKlip Stand and use it with legs, or clamped onto the side of a table or desk. The best part is, this stand works with the 2nd gen, 3rd gen, and 4th gen iPad. On top of that, IK Multimedia also has an iPad mini version of iKlip Stand.

I found iKlip Stand to be extremely useful, but I prefer using it as a desk clamp stand. The arm of the stand had a wide range of motion. First, the stand can be rotated 360 degrees. The only downside to this feature is that the arm doesn’t have any rotation lock on it, but it’s not easily swiveled either.

There are essentially two joints on iKlip Stand’s arm. The first joint allows you to move the arm much like an elbow. Simply loosen the knob on the joint and you have the ability to adjust it freely. There’s also another knob closer to the mount for the iPad that allows for tilt/pan functionality. With these two adjustment knobs in place, the options are almost limitless.

Overall, I highly recommend iKlip Stand for anyone looking for a sturdy iPad desktop stand. Sure, iKlip Stand was design for, and made by musicians, but IK Multimedia has a way of making great affordable accessories that work for many different lifestyles. If you’d like to pick up an iKlip Stand for yourself, visit, or click here to view the iPad version and here for the iPad mini version.

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