[Review] CM4’s Q Card Case For iPhone 5

If you’ve been searching for the perfect iPhone 5 case, look no further than the Q Card Case by CM4. Not only is this a great iPhone 5 case, it may allow you to clear some space in your back pocket.

The Q Card Case made its debut earlier this year for the iPhone 4S/4. It quickly became my favorite iPhone case and also allowed me to leave my wallet at home. This simplistic case doubles as a card holder, but the term “card holder” is really an understatement.

The Q Card Case can basically hold anything you can fit in its card-size pocket. I use it for my ID, debit card, and a twenty dollar bill, all of which fit perfectly snug inside the Q Card Case’s backside slot.

Check out the video review below:


Forget about liking this case … I love it! It’s mildly protective without adding too much bulk and replaces my wallet. It’s also compatible with the Lightning to 30-pin adapter so you’ll never need to pull the bottom of a case off when using your old school accessories. That alone is worth the asking price of $39.99. As an added bonus, you also get a nice little microfiber cloth with the case. Sure, not everyone cares about that, but it’s always a nice little surprise.


Nothing to say here really. You could argue that $39.99 may be a lot for an iPhone case, but it’s definitely competitively priced when you compare it to other cases on the market.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the Q Card Case by CM4 is fantastic. I loved it on my iPhone 4S and I love it on my iPhone 5. If you’re looking for a good case with dual functionality that is actually useful, check out the Q Card Case. If you happen to pick one up, I highly doubt you’ll regret the purchase.

To find out more about the Q Card Case, or to pick one up, click here.

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