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[Review] AudioFly’s AF45m Series Headphones

AudioFly recently sent us out a set of their new and currently unreleased AF45m series. These iPhone compatible headphones are noise isolating ear buds with some pretty nice features and eargasmic sound (and yes I just said that…)

The AF45m series include an inline mic and a separate inline functionality button to answer/hang-up calls, play/pause music, and skip tracks on your iPhone.

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According to AudioFly:

Our 11mm dynamic driver has an extended range for tight, chunky lows, resonant mids and clean, bright highs. Never miss a beat with a massive sound that’s full and detailed.

And I can definitely confirm the massive sound these little guys are capable of. Personally I’m not a big guy when it comes to a whole lot of bass or “chunky lows” in ear buds; but regardless of my personal preference, they do sound excellent!

I must note that in my opinion, they did have a better overall EQ/mix when listening to Hip Hop, Rap, or Pop music. Not quite a deal breaker though. I have a few different high-end headphones / ear buds I use for different listening situations. Rock / Metal genres didn’t sound bad at all, they just seemed to have some “mids” cut out in the fine-tuning of the drivers which made the favor the other genres a bit more. But again they still sound good, I’m just a picky audiophile and I thought it was worth noting.

From an engineering standpoint, they aren’t transparent and glorify the music a bit, but for the casual listener this makes your music sound GREAT. They brought great imaging to every song I listened to, and overall, the AF45’s impressed me with their sound and price point.


The build quality of the AF45m series we’re that of similarly priced headphones I’ve used in the past. Most of the body was made of a hard plastic with an aluminum backside, which added a little extra feeling of luxury.

The Audioflex tangle-free cable was what impressed me. I always love braided cables and manufacturers are starting to use them a bit more, but overall they are still overlooked. Thankfully, AudioFly doesn’t cut corners here.

The AF45m also include Clear-Talk:

Available on all AF45m models. We’ve split the mic from the mechanics of the button for better voice transmission during conversations, so you only need to say it once to be heard!

I definitely thought that was a cleaver move for AudioFly. And as most ear buds include, the AF45m’s come with 4 sets of Silicon ear tips.

The AF45m series are also noise isolating for a noise attenuation of 23db.

They also include an Audiofly Storage Tin with plush velvet lining which is ALWAYS a plus/must when I plan on spending over $50 on a pair of headphones.



The AudioFly AF45m series headphones aren’t available yet, but should be in the next month or so. They will be priced to sell at $59.99, which is a great bargain for the sound and quality of the headphones. If you’re looking for a new set of headphones, I’d definitely recommend them. Check out the gallery below!

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