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Not Surprising: Apple To Update MacBook Pro And MacBook Air In June 2013

DigiTimes reports that both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will receive updates in June 2013 … Is this really news? Well they do include a couple other details including the possibility of a low-price MacBook Air.

According to the report:

The sources pointed out that the MacBook Air for 2013 will feature a new processor platform, but its industrial design will not see any major changes.

Okay, so where’s the big news here? Well apparently, DigiTimes claims that Apple may be lowering the price of the MacBook Air, but aside from all that, there’s not much I couldn’t have told you last week.

We all kind of expect a yearly refresh of MacBooks now. On the pricing matter, I highly doubt Apple would decrease the price of any MacBook. They’re not really known for changing the prices of any MacBooks, but retaining current pricing for better internal specifications.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next year. 🙂

Source: DigiTimes via MacRumors

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