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New Trailer For Gameloft’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ iOS Game Looks Awesome

The Dark Night Rises is set to hit theaters in about a week, and with that we’re given a sneak peek look at the upcoming iOS game from Gameloft inspired by the Gotham flick…

Apparently the game is an open-world game. Think of it like Grand Theft Auto, minus the “grand theft” and adding some awesome Batman action hero gameplay. Word is, you’ll even be able to use some of Batman’s gadgets and fly around Gotham City.

Check out the trailer…

Did you watch the trailer? This game look SUPER promising. AppAdvice uncovered this unlisted trailer on YouTube. This title officially breaks my “excitement” record for an iOS game release.

The new iOS title is set to hit the App Store on July 20th, the same day the movie is released. Fire up the BatMobile, I’m ready to play this one…

Source: AppAdvice

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