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New Findings And Features In iOS 6 Beta 4

The latest version of Apple’s iOS 6 beta was released yesterday and we’ve all been digging through it for new features or changes. As we previously reported, one of the biggest changes is the removal of the dedicated YouTube app. There’s a few more notable things to review as well…

First on the list are changes to the Passbook app. It appears that Apple has added a dedicated “App Store” button to the bottom of the screen. While there’s no confirmation of this, we believe that this will take users to the App Store for apps that integrate with Passbook.

Next we have a new Bluetooth sharing option in Privacy settings. This will potentially integrate advanced sharing features between all of Apple’s Bluetooth 4-compatible devices. It will also be able to monitor the apps which use Bluetooth functionality for sharing data. There may also be hardware specific features of the new iPhone that take advantage of this new menu option.

Siri has also been updated to reflect the new features and actions available for use. Actions such as searching for movies, tweeting, posting to Facebook, making a reservation, search sports statistics, and launching apps have all been added to the list.

There is also a new “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” option under Cellular settings. This will optimize your data connection and switch between cellular and WiFi presumably when one is working better than the other.

Also, the following cities have been added to Apple’s new 3D “Flyover” feature in iOS 6 in the maps app:

US – Boston, Atlanta, Portland, Phoenix, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas.

Canada – Toronto.

Europe – Lyon, France; Birmingham, Manchester.

Let us know if you find anything new in iOS 6 Beta 4. We’re hoping to see a September or October launch of iOS 6, possibly alongside and iPad mini and the new iPhone. Check out our leaked coverage on Apple’s upcoming new products.

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