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MultiTrack DAW by Harmonicdog – App Review – iPhone, iPod or iPad!

Ready to use Pro Tools on your iPhone? Yea me too but that’s probably not going to happen… We got the next best thing for all you audiophiles! Introducing, MultiTrack DAW from Harmonicdog. This is a fully featured multi-track recording application compatible with  iPhone and iPad. The guys over at Harmonicdog gave us the opportunity to take MultiTrack dog for a test drive!

When I say Fully featured, I mean it… This app has everything except the computer tower… Recording on this app was easy as cake, almost too easy. I first tried it out on my iPhone because I know sometimes the iPhone version of apps try to cram everything into the small little iPhone screen. These guys didn’t have to do that. Actually compared to the iPad it was just as easy to use it on the iPhone and it fits in my pocket. So literally I can have a full-on recording studio in my pocket at any given time. The individual tracks have many features including:

  • Level Faders
  • Output Meters
  • FX (Compressor & EQ)
  • Mute and Solo Buttons
  • Even Panning!


It looks like they included everything possible. One thing I liked about most all of the controls is that you didn’t have to be so careful when adjusting levels because you didn’t have to do it on a tiny little knob. Once you tap on a control, the control itself zooms off the bar with a sleek Genie Effect and becomes a 1/4 size of the screen! Which obviously makes it SUPER easy to pan something out at that size. All of the controls function like that and that was such a good idea/decision on Harmonicdog’s half. I can’t tell you how much stupid tiny encoder or rotaryknobs make me want to throw my iPhone or iPad through a window!

You even have an input gain so you can adjust the level of your signal coming in, in case your mic is too loud. Don’t forget about your Master fader though, to make sure everything is loud enough you can turn up the Master fader at the bottom of the screen.

One thing that REALLY impressed us about this app was that it included Real-Time Wav Generation while you record. It’s the



little things like that, that really make an app world-class. The App itself saves your UNDO data, gives you ZERO latency input monitoring, Punch recording, and even Snap functionality. I was super impressed when I was able to mark my Punch-in/Punch-out zones hit record and drop in a part of the song I created which you can hear in a bit…

I really tried to push the limits on the MultiTrack side of this app. While the song I recorded was only a minute I took FULL advantage of the standard 8 Tracks this app comes with. It far outperformed my expectations. Honestly Even GarageBand has became sluggish after that much going on. Harmonicdog’s Gem worked like a charm. It never gave me an Audio Buffer warning or froze up and dropped out like I have seen computers ten times the iPhone speed do.

Sharing your music is a breeze! You can email it, upload it to SoundCloud, or even just mix it down and save it out of iTunes file sharing.. oh wait you don’t have iTunes with you? No problem.. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to the same WIFI network as any other computer and you can go to your devices IP address for a custom website to download your songs from. (Genius might I add.)

MutliTrack DAW

MutliTrack DAW

Can’t figure out how to do something? Don’t worry, this app has built in help documentation! (Which honestly I wish someother apps came with.)

Honestly I cannot say enough good things about this app, and that has nothing to do with us getting a copy for review. Honestly it’s a great app and we give it FIVE stars! This app even supports more recording hardware then any other app. Allowing you to use a REAL decent condenser mic or even run an Apogee One into your iPhone. You can literally record a real solid record with this app. It’s my understand that there is a band out there doing that right now… Check them out @onelikeson

See their video here: OneLikeSon on YouTube

Now the moment you have all been waiting for… With all the instruments recorded by mouth,  The world debut of my song entitled “MultiTrack DAW”. Everything was recorded on my iPhone! Click below to download!



Buy MultiTrack DAW – iTunes Store

Harmonicdog’s Website


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