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Macworld | iWorld 2012 – MacKeeper – 16 in 1 Apps – The Ultimate Mac Application

MacKeeper is an awesome 16 in 1 Application for your Mac that offers a variety of tools and security for your Apple computer. There are apps including but not limited to Internet Security, File Recovery, Anti-Theft, Backup, and more! This App is pretty awesome… The Anti-Theft will allow you to report your Mac Stolen with MacKeeper and once it is turned on and connected to the net will silently and transparently take a picture of the person sitting in fron of your computer! Thats pretty sweet! Along with that it will also grab the GPS information and tell you where the computer is located. From there the Anti-Theft will email you all the information above so you can safely retrieve your stolen computer! That feature alone makes this software awesome. MacKeeper Light is available in the AppStore but in order to get all the features you can purchase a copy directly from MacKeeper. Feel free to check out a full feature list as well as the included apps over at

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