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iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S Camera Quality Test – Video and Photo Comparison – Side by Side

Today I wanted to do a quick video and photo test on both the iPhone4 and the new iPhone 4S and put them side by side. There is obviously technical differences between the two phones, but do the tech specs line up with the quality? The iPhone 4S is loaded with a 1080p / 8MP camera with better optics to boost the quality. According to Apple it is supposed to be one of the best iDevice camera ever. Do you think it’s the best mobile camera hands down? I took several pictures on both phones and shot a side by side video on both iPhone’s and stiched it all together in one quick video.

I hope this helps any decision making you are faced with between the two cameras. Do you really pay for the camera quality in the iPhone 4S? Is the quality worth the extra high price tag? You be the judge!

Thanks for watching!

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