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How The Color Changing Status Bar Works In iOS 6

As we previously noted, the new status bar in iOS 6 changes colors based on what app your using. The colors ranged from blue to silver, but there didn’t seem to be any pattern. After some digging around, one developer may have figured out the key…

According to Wrapp developer Simon Blommegård, the status bar is changed based on the pixel color in the bottom row of the header bar for any given app.

Turns out it’s quite a funky method. Rather than going on the tintColor, It uses the average color from the bottom pixel row of the header bar. This is illustrated by Simon’s yellow header bar with a blue and red bottom pixel row, resulting in a purple status bar:

Kind of an odd way to determine the color right? It might make more sense to use the top row, but Apple doesn’t think the same as everyone else. Just make sure that if you’re a developer, you check the bottom row of pixels on the header bar to determine your apps status bar color. I think this is another cool way to customize your app’s interface.

Weird right?

Source: Max Themes via Cult of Mac

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