DryCASE Unboxing / Review – Vacuum Sealed Case for iPhone and other Electronics

DryCASE is a Vacuum Sealed bag to keep your iPhone or other electronics safe from water.

This little guy is waterproof up to 100 feet!The idea is pretty cool and we can confirm that it works great in any wet situation. The setup may be a little more complex than just throwing your device in a case, but all in all it’s completely worth it and won’t take more than a few minutes to completely protect any small electronic device from water. DryCASE comes with a handy armband for swimming, surfing, or whatever else you can think of. It also includes a hand built-in headphone/mic cable adapter, allowing you to plug in waterproof a headphone/mic set to use while in the water! Each DryCASE is also tested underwater overnight before it’s approved for sale. If that’s not security in a purchase, I’m not sure what is.

Overall the implementation of functionality in this device is flawless and works above my expectations! Now I’m just trying to find anything I can that’s electronic to put in the DryCASE and throw in the water simply because, “I Can”. DryCASE is avvailable for $39.99. They also make a tablet version available for 59.99. For more information on DryCASE or to purchase one, visit

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