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Download All Of The New iOS 7 Wallpapers Here

Apple has released iOS 7 GM to registered developers. The new update includes a ton of new and exciting wallpapers and sounds. Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting, but it sure is new. Check out my video overview of the new ringtones and wallpapers above, and if you’d like, I’ve made all of iOS 7’s new wallpapers available for download! Just tap, hold, and save!

To save the high resolution versions of the new iOS 7 wallpapers, tap and hold on any of the image below and choose “Save Image.” Alternatively, you can tap on any image to go directly to the image page and save it there. Also, here’s a link to a ZIP file containing the wallpapers if you’d like to grab all of them from a computer. Enjoy!

Update: I’ve also uploaded all of the new ringtones and alerts. Check them out here.

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  • boobsss

    i love you…

  • Hana J.

    Thanks for posting the wallpapers!

  • Random

    You’re the best! I’ve literally been looking all night for these!

  • Peter

    Why that strange resolution?
    You would almost think that is has something todo with new iOS devices…

    • Chris McFaul

      they are just a bit bigger than the iphone screen because of the parallax effect introduced in iOS7- in order for the background to “move” under the icons, the backgrounds have to extended beyond the edge of the display. Nothing to do with new devices, sorry.

  • Chris McFaul

    No love for the ipads? :S

    • Dom Esposito

      Currently, there’s no way to crack the iPad ipsw.

  • Audiophile

    Can we get ringtones too? I’d like to hear them on my hi-fi.
    Thanks, loving Apple and Macmixing!

  • Calle

    Where are the ipad Version?

  • Ishan P

    Thanks for sharing. What about keyboard click sound? Has that changed?

    • Deki

      I would also to know this! 😀

  •  George.iP5 Ⓜ️ •

    I can’t update from beta 6. Is it maybe because I bypassed the UIDID

    • Pluto

      There’s no OTA (Over The Air) update for the just released iOS 7 GM build. You should google a download link for it and update (or more likely restore) through iTunes.

  • Gary

    Can you post them sized for the iphone 4 as well.

  •  George.iP5 Ⓜ️ •

    Oh well I think I know a guy that might have it but I don’t know if he CDMA

  • Anthonaut

    Thanks, these will look awesome on my new Galaxy S4!

    • leart

      thats why it’s good to have a copy of apple devices

  • Sachin Bahal

    I cant extract the zip file, any suggestions on what to do??

  •  George.iP5 Ⓜ️ •

    Ya samsung doesn’t have good wallpapers or good…

  • Aldo

    can i have also the dynamic wallpaper? in png

  • Arturo Rinaldi

    any chance to get the ipad ones too ? Regards.

  • liamnichols

    Do you have/ know the dimensions of the stock iPad ones?

  • Abolfazl

    Tnx for wallpaper

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