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Display Quality: iPhone 5 Versus iPhone 4

Apple has come a long way with the iPhone. Every year seems to bring bigger and better technology. With the iPhone 5, Apple made some bold statements claiming it had a better display, and I guess that’s totally true.

Among the claims was that the iPhone 5 had 44 percent more color saturation. Scientist and photographer, Bryan Jones, decided to put this claim to the test and found that the iPhone 5’s in-touch display is noticeable better than its predecessors.

Bryan explains his findings:

It turns out that the pixels in the iPhone 5 are *precisely* the same size as the iPhone 4 pixels, but the iPhone 5 pixels have better color saturation with more contrast, seen particularly in the blue pixels.  I did not calculate the difference in color saturation between the two iPhones, but it is pretty clear to the eye which is which.  Apple claims 44% increase in color saturation and from these images, I believe them.

Interestingly, it almost looks like the *shape* of the pixels in the new iPhone 5 are a little crisper as well.  The edges of the subpixels seem more squared in the iPhone 5 than in the iPhone 4.

Check out Bryan’s blog for a full rundown on the discovery. One this is for sure, Apple isn’t messing around with display quality. This is, by far, one of the best smartphone displays on the market. The pixels are crisp, clear, and really stand out over the iPhone 4. In my opinion, this is definitely noticeable from any untrained eye when compared side by side. What do you think about the differences here?

Source: Bryan Jones

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