CES 2012

CES 2012 – New Lenovo UltraBook u310 = MacBook Air Clone?

This is the new Lenovo u310 UtlraBook. This laptop looks strikingly similar to that of a MacBook Air. I think the similarities are uncanny and very alike. Now I’m not saying that Lenovo directly jacked a MacBook style design but they do look very similar. Maybe this is to give those people who like Windows but want a Mac an option… Not too sure what do you guys think about this? I mean do you think the similarities are too close? Are you an Apple or Lenovo plan. Which one would you buy if you had neither? I’m sure Lenovo had a reason and rhyme for their doings, but surely there’s a better explanation for the direct imaging! I mean it looks like the almost used a MackBook Air mold…


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