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CES 2012 – Liquipel | Waterproof iPhone, No Case Required!

This is an actual coating for the inside and outside of your devices. Liquipel completely waterproofs your iPhone or other devices by coating it with a microscopic film that will actually bond to your device creating an interoperable force-field of awesomeness and waterproof durability! Liquipel hopes to have this waterproof technology become native on all electronic devices at some point. So basically you could possibly be purchasing an iPhone 5 with Liquipel’s patent-pending technology installed by default. This is a GAME CHANGER and quite awesome. Liquipel’s patent-pending waterproof coating is so small, you’d need a powerful microscope to detect the nano sized armor. Don’t let the details fool you. This tiny layer keeps electronics working despite being dropped into water. Currently you can have your iPhone waterproof’d by Liquipel for 59.99! Which is a completely reasonable price-point! Check out the link below for more information!


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