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[Review] Blue Microphones’ Snowball Won’t Disappoint Your Ears

I’ve been a huge fan of Blue Microphones for a while now. The moment I set eyes on the Blue Snowball, I had to pick it up and give it a shot. If you’re in the mood for great sound, but don’t want to empty your wallet, this mic is definitely for you.

Overall, the Snowball is a great microphone. It’s perfect for advanced users or anyone who’s just getting into recording. I love the fact that the Snowball is a USB microphone. Just plug it into your computer’s USB port and you’re ready to go!

The Snowball features:

  • USB Output: The USB output enables direct integration with a desktop or laptop computer, allowing CD-quality recording
  • Dual Capsule Design: The dual capsule design incorporates omnidirectional and cardioid elements to give you a choice
  • -10dB Pad: A -10dB pad switch eliminates noise and distortion when capturing signals at extreme volume levels
  • Accessories Included: A desktop stand and USB cable are included so you can begin recording right away


There are so many features to like about this microphone. This fantastic microphone is on Amazon right now for around $50 to $70. Your jaw will drop at the quality you get for less than a Benjamin. The actual microphone is very small. There’s a screw mount on the bottom that allows you to use it on most microphone stands, which can come in handy if the included stand doesn’t meet your needs.

The Blue Snowball has three different settings that you can adjust to achieve various sound levels. It’s a great microphone for video voiceovers and I use it on a daily basis. The sound quality is very crisp and it really shines for such a small and inexpensive microphone.

It’s also important to note that this mic isn’t only for computers. When paired with the USB Camera Connection Kit, it’s a full-blown iPad microphone as well.


There’s only one thing that I really don’t like about this microphone. The included stand works great, but it does become a little wobbly when raised too high. Overall though, it’s really not a big deal and definitely wont affect the sound quality.

Final Thoughts

If your looking to spend less then $100 on a microphone with great quality, this is the way to go. I can’t say enough good things about the Snowball. It’s sleek, compact, has great sound, and won’t break the bank. If you’d like to purchase the Blue Snowball, you can pick one up here for only $52.

[xrr rating=4/5]
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