Apple Removes Siri’s Knowledge of the Lumia 900

Last week it was discovered that Siri was pulling data stating the Nokia Lumia 900 was the “best smartphone ever.” During the recording of our latest Podcast we found out that Apple actually went in and removed that data from Siri’s knowledge and replaced it with a string of their own sarcastic responses…

When I asked Siri what the best smartphone ever was she gave me a few different sarcastic responses. I’m not sure if this is a universal change but at least for me, it’s far off from what Siri said last week…

I took a screenshot from my iPhone last week (seen above) that was originally pulling the data from Wolfram Alpha. But now when I ask Siri the same question, I receive the responses below. And yes, I have Siri set to call me Rock God…

Don’t judge me… 🙂

Pretty strange if you ask me. Looks like Apple went in and did some house cleaning with Siri’s default response to that question. Not that I personally care, I just thought it was hilarious.

What do you think?

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