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Apple Redesigns iOS App Store In iOS 6

iOS App Store on the left, Chomp's app on the right.

Apple has quietly updated the iOS 6 App Store adding a different look and feel to how you’ll search for apps in the future. The new layout is pretty clean, but I’m not sure how I feel about it yet…

The new design is highly inspired by Chomp, which Apple acquired back in February 2012. There was speculation that Apple would add Chomp into the mix of iOS 6, but when it was revealed at WWDC Chomp was nowhere in sight.

The card-style layout appears when searching for apps. The browsing feels a little sluggish to me. It takes longer to swipe through cards of apps then to scroll through a list as it was before. This new layout is the same across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Check out this video demo of the changes:

Along with the updated card-style layout, 9to5Mac noted some other important changes:

Also adding to the iOS 6 App Store updates, Apple has enabled the Genius recommendation section this evening, providing users with apps that may be in their interest to download. Furthermore, the purchased section has also joined the party, displaying all the apps a user has downloaded to their account, making it easy to retrieve favorite apps. Last but certainly not least, the iTunes Store has been updated with the ability to once again search for podcasts.

I think they layout is clean, but I also hope that Apple gives us the ability to switch between the card layout and the list layout.

Source: 9to5Mac via MacRumors

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